Fandango  was looking to expand its market from movie tickets to purchasing tickets to concerts and local events. Our goal was to integrate a new feature in their responsive website allowing users to both discover and purchase tickets to concerts and local events. After synthesizing user research, we learned that many of our users preferred the native app experience and so we proposed a native app feature integration.

Roles include: UX Research, Facilitation and Presentation Design.


User Research

Below are some results from our screener survey which had 41 responses. 


Event discovery

Word of mouth and social media were voted the top ways people discover upcoming local events and concerts while emails from newsletter subscriptions trailed behind. Because of this, we highlighted the ability to share events from multiple screens.


Participant Age Range

79% of participants were between the ages 18-30. This was an even split between age groups 18-24 and 25-30. 


Preferred ticket format

Most survey participants wanted to have digital tickets scannable on their device while half of that number wanted to print tickets at home.


User Interviews

What they Need

  • Users want ticket delivery options
  • Most people passively discover events via social media and word of mouth
  • They like to share events privately with specific friends

Major Pain Points

  • Many users dislike printed tickets because they are easily damaged and misplaced
  • Users who prefer digital tickets worry about battery life if their event is late at night
  • Some people have limited storage capacity on smartphones and worry about too many apps/app size

Other Thoughts

  • A minority of users like keeping unique tickets to special events as a momento
  • Users who prefer either printed or digital tickets sometimes have both on hand as a back up
  • Brand recognition and credibility is important to users before storing payment information



Competitive Business Analysis

The following companies were chosen for analysis because of their popularity in our screener survey. Ticket master was actually voted the most familiar of all ticket-purchasing apps but my team and I had trouble accessing the mobile app from both iOS and Android at the time. My team and other peers attempted to register and download the app to no avail. We ultimately tweeted the issue at Ticket Master (with no response) and analyzed other comparable businesses for the sake of time. 


Wire & Task Flow

Below are sketches of both the wire flow and task flows for app on-boarding, event discovery and ticket purchasing via Fandango, Eventbrite, and Live Nation. Performing these analysis help identify which apps offer the most efficient task flows, often measured in combined number of user actions and system responses. 


Feature Ideation

The client goal was simple, integrate a feature which allows user to buy tickets to local events and concerts in addition to movie tickets. Below, you'll find images of myself facilitating a brainstorm session, the resulting topic map, and an image of an affinity diagram which yielded some insights into features and functionality of the app.

Slack for iOS Upload-1.jpg
Photo Jul 12, 4 11 14 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 15, 2 10 29 PM.jpg

Iterations & Brief Annotations

Below are 5 essential screens in the ticket-purchase task flow before adding additional features. 

Original Fandago App

A: Our new design combines "Messages" and "Account" in upper-left corner. Spotlight now features segmented controls to separate featured movies and events

B: New icon to be created for "Events" in place of "Account" icon

C: Adapted "in-theaters" layout as "Events" template. Cards in the new layout have a share button, price and event dates

D: Exchanged weekly calendar for monthly calendar on event detail pages. Users found this more helpful than a weekly calendar since concerts aren't usually weekly events

E: Combined "Buy Tickets" page with ticket quantity page in proposed ticket interaction. 

F: Proposed new ticket interaction which shows visible state change on current page, rather than navigating away to a separate ticket quantity page

Proposed Solutions




Check out the prototype! If the link doesn't work, send me an email and I'll get it back up and running!